A safe space to share your feelings.

Through community and conversation, you can find joy, gratitude and hope again. 

Gather together with other women caregivers who are experiencing similar challenges, struggles and emotions. 

You shouldn't go through this alone.


Join The Caregiver Cup Circle

Millions of women are thrust into the role of caregiver and almost always when they least expected it.  The giving of care can be the most rewarding, exhausting, sad, messy and life changing experience.

I want you to know you are not alone...

If I asked you what you want right now, what would you say? 

   ..I want my loved one to be get better, or

   ..I want my old life back, or

   ..I feel like I'm in auto-pilot and stuck?

Reality is that caregiving is a long journey and there's no magical solution or quick fix to make things easier.  But through a circle of friends, you can keep your sanity and find moments of joy.

Hey there, I'm Cathy!

I help you, the busy woman caring for a loved one, find community to help you through the crazy waters of caregiving.   

What you get with the Caregiver Cup Circle membership? 

Live Online Community Meetings

We meet twice per month for an hour via Zoom technology.  Through conversations, the small group provide support to help you through your caregiver challenges and  struggles.  We will laugh, cry and learn from each other.

Supportive Community

You'll have access to a private, Facebook community to connect with me and other caregivers to offer support and celebrate the little things.

Monthly Newsletter

A newsletter filled with tips, motivation, mini-challenges and stories.

Library of Resources

As a member, you get access to The Caregiver Cup library of training and resources.


"As a caregiver, it is not always easy to find people that can relate on your level. That is what I appreciate so much about this group. We can be real and honest about our situations. While we are able to vent to each other we are also getting helpful feedback, reminders that we are human and doing our best, and also making friends with others that can understand our roles.

Thank you for reminding me that I am doing my best and also doing a great job! It is very easy to get lost in our journey and not take care of ourselves. The reminders to take time for ME is appreciated and needed. Thank you."


"I came away with a much more positive feeling about my situation and found I'm not doing as badly as I thought I was when I talked to such kind loving women as yourselves.  Thanks and that's my 1st grateful for my list of 4 for the next session.  Thank you,"


"I liked having conversations with other caregivers who are helping their spouses and the advice provided to me as there were certain things I had not considered before. I appreciated the honesty everyone brought to the conversation and felt like I could really say what I'd been feeling without being judged."

Are you ready to connect with other caregivers and learn how they work through the overwhelm and find more joy in the chaos?

If you found yourself nodding with a bit of nerves, then I can't wait to meet you inside The Caregiver Cup Circle.

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