Episode 21: 

The 3 Stages of Caregiver Overwhelm

Today's episode is all about you and your overwhelm.  The true facts about how this stress, anxiety, burnout and fatigue creep up on you and before you know it, you are in the thick of it and don’t know what to do.  

When I first became a caregiver, I let the adrenaline drive me through the overwhelm.  When that faded, I let my mind and body do the work.  Well looking back, I now see the 3 stages of overwhelm I went through and it’s toll it took on myself, my Loved One, my friendships and more.  

That’s why over the last month, I sat down and really did some digging into this subject.  I researched 100s of articles, interviewed caregivers and fead all my journal entries, text messages, facebook post on where I was at.

So today, I want to highlight the 3 stages of caregiver overwhelm - the whats, the why, the hows and more.    You can find the entire resource at

  1. Caregiver Stress
  2. Caregiver Burnout
  3. Compassion Fatigue

Overwhelm is reality.  It’s hard, It sucks but it can be a joyful and rewarding experience.  So when you run over that nail or screw,  think about how you want to fix it vs just putting air in your tire.  Get in front of your overwhelm by seeking help or tools to get you on the path to reducing the stress and anxiety.  

So grab my free resource at   Let me help you through this journey.   It is important to look at your caregiver cup and control what goes in it.  You can’t pour from an empty cup.   

Send hugs and warmth your way.   Talk to you again next week. 


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Cathy's Book Recommendation

I want to recommend a great book to read - Didn’t see that coming by Rachel Hollis.    The book is all about putting life together when everything is falling apart.  Identifying your new normal/ your new identity, accepting it and finding ways to get through it and overcome your challenges.  I felt like Rachel wrote the book for me. 

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