I help women caring for a loved one navigate their new normal so they can live a life they feel good about - without guilt, anger and resentment.

Find a safe space to share your feelings

A small caregiver group that meets on Zoom twice per month to share experiences, challenges, gratitude and most importantly to give/receive support, feedback and positivity. 


The Caregiver Cup Podcast

A weekly podcast to help working women caregivers reduce overwhelm

Helpful Caregiver Resources

Three Levels of Caregiver Overwhelm

Adding caregiving to your plate can easily lead to frustration and exhaustion.  It's important to get ahead of the overwhelm and recognize your needs. Identify your level of stress and look for ways to reduce it.  

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What Is Your Caregiver Style? Quiz

Take this 3 minute quiz to find out which caregiver style most describes you and how to use that to be a better caregiver. 

Identify your tendencies and what that means to you and your caregiving.   You can then reduce stress and set healthy boundaries.  

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Three Tips for the New Caregiver

Yesterday, you were going about your business with no clue. Then you get the news that your loved one needs your help.

Getting up this morning is different. Your normal habits and routines  changed. You're
in an unexpected journey. Everything happened so fast and you jumped right in and
are figuring it out.

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Take this three minute quiz to find out which caregiver style most describes you as a caregiver?

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