Hi, I'm Cathy and I'm so happy to meet you!


Are you a woman pursuing your goals and passions, living your life, and suddenly finding yourself caring for your Loved One. How's that going? 

I understand it's not easy and can feel overwhelming. 

Are you struggling with exhaustion, worry, sadness, anger, guilt, and more? I sure was! 

There were days when I didn't want to get out of bed, moments when I couldn't focus, times when I resented this tough new job of caregiving, and instances when I couldn't figure out how to deal with it all. 

I want to reassure you – these emotions are normal. You're navigating a difficult path without a map, and I can help.

It brings me unbelievable joy and excitement

If I had simple words to share what I do, it would be - help women be the best version she can be in their new season.  It lights me up when I can share my voice, experiences and services to my clients.  

I'm a 9-5 corporate girl working in a Fortune 100 company for over 30 years.  I'm skilled and certified in adult education, human centered design, coaching and consulting and leadership development.  

In the last 10 years, I'm excelling as an entrepreneur working nights and weekends. I realized serving clients brought me unbelievable joy and excitement.  

When I close my eyes at night, I vision and dream of all the women I can help.  Each woman has unique skills and talents as well as strength and courage to figure out her challenges. 

I became a Caregiver on Labor Day Weekend 2017

The phone rang on Saturday evening and it was my Mom.  She had concern in her voice.  Dr. Susie called about Dad's CT scan.  By Tuesday morning, Dad had an endoscopic procedure and it was Stage 4 Liver Cancer.   

Shock, denial and anger set in immediately.  But also thoughts of how to care for my parents when they lived 100 miles aways.  

Two weeks later

I wasn't home much in the last two weeks.   Denis (my husband) was waiting for the right time to show me.  He had lumps in his groin and underarms.  I looked at them and knew that it was serious.  His blood work, biopsy and Pet Scan confirmed it - Stage 4 Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia. 

The following months involved chemotherapy appointments for both my Dad and Denis, balancing my job, my business and caregiving for the two men in my life.  I spent the last 18 days with my Dad in his cabin while he passed away peacefully in April 2018.  

I then moved my focus to my Mom and helping her transition to her changed life.  

Denis' cancer morphed into Hodgkins Lymphoma in October 2018.  This was by far the hardest Caregiving journey for me.   It required more time and my emotions seemed in overdrive.  

Wife, Mom, Gramma Cathy  and Daughter

Wife:  I'm married to my high school sweetheart and best friend, Denis for over 39 years.  

Mom: I raised three wonderful sons and enjoyed all those extra curricular activities (church groups, band practices, soccer, hockey, track, PTA and much more).  I look back and don't know how I did it.

Gramma Cathy: I'm blessed with two beautiful and creative grand girls.  I love getting their texts and video chats.

Fur Baby Mama: I have two dogs named Cooper and Daisy.   They keep me active and you can count on a bark during a podcast, video or call.

Daughter:  I'm  fortunate to have the best relationship ever with my Mom and embrace each day we spend together.  I spend Sundays with my mom calling them Sunday Fundays.

My favorites

In the summer, you'll find me in my backyard tending to my flowers.  Gardening is my therapy.  I love the sun and nature.  

My morning is perfect when I can drink my green smoothie and that "go to" cup of coffee.   Oh and I have a fun coffee cup collection.  When I bring home another coffee cup, Denis will give me the eye roll. 

I like in Green Bay, WI and love my Packers football and the game day atmosphere it bring to our community.  I'm not a fan of the cold and long winter months, but love the four seasons.    

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