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ūü§Ē What if you could¬†go from stuck and hopeless¬†

‚ě°ÔłŹ to¬†a caregiver life you feel you have under control

ūü©∑¬†And you feel good about your Loved One's care and most importantly yours?¬†¬†


Don't waste another day with feelings of overwhelm, frustration and anger.  TODAY IS THE DAY!  Stop wishing for better days and start your journey to a better caregiver life where you can enjoy your Loved One and embrace caregiving with moments of joy.  

With the Empowerful Caregiver School, you're never alone on this journey. It's a nurturing hub of guidance and unwavering support, carefully crafted from my 7 years of hands-on caregiving experience, my role as the host of the Caregiver Cup podcast, and my extensive coaching journey spanning over 50 clients just like you.

But it's more than just guidance; it's about arming you with the tools you need to become an Empowered Season 3 Caregiver. Throughout the program, we'll work together to build a personalized toolkit tailored to your unique situation. This toolkit will empower you to confidently navigate the challenges of caregiving while nurturing your own well-being. It's time to step into your role as an Empowerful Caregiver and forge a path to a brighter, more fulfilling journey.


What if you could live your best caregiver life?

ūüíĖ Transform Your Journey with Empowerment and Joy at the Empowerful Caregiver School!

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I started cello lessons.  I'm loving it!  I played clarinet and piano as a child but started cello at age 64.  It feels amazing to do something that brings me joy.  I have my first concert with my students in a few days.  I am a teacher and learning along side my 3rd graders.


I now realize where I'm at in my journey and can now see where I want to go to find joy and peace as a caregiver.  Thank you for helping me personalize my plan that is simple.  My two wins are planning out my week and getting up 30 minutes earlier.  

Discover Your Empowerful Self!

Millions of women find themselves thrust into the role of caregiver, often at times when they least expected it. The journey of caregiving is a mosaic of emotions - from the profound rewards to the exhausting challenges, from moments of sadness to life-changing experiences. If you're reading this, 

I want you to know you are not alone on this path.

Imagine having a guiding light to lead you through the maze of caregiving, someone who's not just an advocate for caregivers but has lived the journey herself. I'm Cathy, your partner in empowerment, and....

I understand the unique landscape of caregiving because I've walked it too.

If I asked you what you yearn for right now, what would it be? Maybe it's the burning wish for your loved one's recovery, or the deep longing your old life. Perhaps you're caught in the swirl of auto-pilot, feeling stuck and yearning for change.

The truth is, caregiving is a complex journey, one that doesn't yield to quick fixes or magical solutions. But here's the beautiful part: you have the power within you to navigate this path with strength, resilience, and newfound joy. Empowerful Caregiver School is here to guide you step by step, to provide you with the tools, insights, and...

a community of fellow caregivers who understand.

Together, we'll uncover the untapped potential within you. Through my 7+ years of caregiving experience, hosting the Caregiver Cup podcast, and coaching over 50 incredible caregivers like you, I've seen transformation in action. I've witnessed caregivers turning adversity into empowerment, stepping into their strength, and...

embracing moments of joy amid the challenges.

Are you ready to rewrite your caregiving story? Let's embark on this journey of empowerment together, because you deserve a life filled with care, compassion, and...

most importantly, self-empowerment.

I'm Cathy, and I'm here to guide you towards a brighter, more empowered tomorrow. Your journey to becoming an Empowerful caregiver starts now.


Facing my father's diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer, I became an instant caregiver, stepping into a role I never imagined. Navigating the uncharted waters of caregiving, I balanced full-time work, stress management, and family responsibilities. Through dedication, adaptability, and continuous learning, I transformed from a novice to an empowered caregiver, determined to share the insights and strategies that helped me reclaim control and embrace this journey.

Take the Overwhelm Out of Caregiving.

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In the face of unimaginable circumstances, life threw me a double challenge ‚Äď caring for my father with Pancreatic Cancer and my husband battling Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. The weight of dual caregiving responsibilities left me neglecting my own well-being, a path that led to physical and mental strain. Recognizing the urgent need for self-care, I embarked on a journey of healing, discovering how to prioritize myself without guilt or shame. From these trials, I emerged stronger, equipped with the tools to empower not just myself, but others facing the same uphill battles.

What's Inside 

Empowerful Caregiver School 


As my journey continued, I transitioned from caring for my Dad to becoming the primary caregiver for my Mom. This shift brought forth a distinct set of challenges and responsibilities, requiring me to step into roles of emotional support, skilled advocacy, and masterful communication. Through this experience, I honed my ability to find creative solutions, reach out for assistance, and establish essential boundaries while setting healthy expectations. My caregiving evolution empowered me to navigate uncharted territory with resilience, imparting wisdom to others treading a similar path.

Unlock the Empowerful Caregiver School Experience

Embark on a transformational journey with Empowerful Caregiver School and redefine your caregiving narrative. 

Empowering Video Lessons: 

Immerse yourself in empowering video lessons delivered to your inbox regularly. Each lesson guides you through profound insights and practical strategies, igniting your caregiving evolution. Accompanied by interactive workbook pages, you'll delve into thought-provoking questions that pave the way for self-discovery and growth.

Supportive Community:

Join an exclusive private Facebook community where kindred caregivers unite. This is your sanctuary of empathy, strength, and shared experiences. Embrace connections with fellow caregivers who understand your journey intimately. Celebrate triumphs, exchange advice, and find solace in camaraderie. Our community is your constant source of support, ensuring you never walk this path alone.

Bi-weekly Group Coaching:  

Participate in our bi-weekly interactive Zoom sessions for a personalized coaching experience. Engage with fellow caregivers, ask questions, and receive tailored insights and guidance for your caregiving journey. It's your opportunity to connect, learn, and grow together in a supportive community.

Personalized Strategy and Toolkit:

Navigate your transformation with personalized tools and resources.  As you progress through the program, you'll gather strategies and materials that fit your caregiver situation. These will shape your journey towards becoming an Empowerful Season 3 Caregiver, fostering resilience, and moments of joy amidst challenges.


Your journey begins here. Empowerful Caregiver School is more than an experience ‚Äď it's your key to unlocking empowerment, connection, and the tools to thrive as a caregiver.

Elevate your caregiving story today.

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