Episode 102:

Being The Best Caregiver When Away From Home - Speaking With Patty From Kathy's House

In today's episode you'll hear from Patty Metropulos from Kathy’s House. You all have been listening to my journey for the last few weeks and months regarding Denis' stem cell transplant journey and where we stayed.  Kathy's House taught me so much about controlling what I can control, as well as taking care of myself. 

  • If you're looking for housing in the near future for you and your loved one for an extended length of time, you'll get  info on finding a place to stay nationally.  
  • Even if you're away from home in anyway, you'll get gold nuggets to help you and your loved one through these challenging times.
  • Or even f you don’t foresee leaving home, there's great advice, tips and motivation to improve your caregiver experience right now.  

In this interview you'll hear Kathy's House's history, mission,  the facility, branding and most importantly how they work with the patients staying as well as the caregivers.

Patty shares her experiences with the caregivers as well as her experiences as a caregiver too.  She shares the importance of finding your energy and trying to incorporate daily activities to fill your cup and sustain your energy as a caregiver. 

Stay to the end and get information on Kathy's House (and if not in Milwaukee), where you can find the right "home-away-from-home" for you .   

Grab the show notes and full episode at https://www.cathylvan.com/episode102

To find more information about Kathy’s House go to kathys-house.org.  

You can also find Kathy House on Facebook, Linken, and Instagram.  

To find more about Healthcare Hospitality Network go to:  hhnetwork.org

Kathy’s House is a non-profit Hospital Guest House that provides lodging and a supportive environment to families who are experiencing one of life’s most stressful situations—personal illness or the serious illness of a loved one.

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